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Brand: WE
Product code: WE-M4CM
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WE M4 CO2 magazine is a real steel capacity magazine. The additional feature this magazine has its “blank-fire” mode, which is used to disable the bolt top function. This mode is used in law enforcement training. The handy and comfy operation makes it suitable for training purposes. This magazine is suitable for WE M4 CO2 OPEN BOLT GBB series guns and also for WE rifles that need the same magazine such as SCAR or L85 Open Bolt. These magazines provide 30 rounds of blowback which is quite ample for any of the airsoft games. The user will get an ample amount of firing capacity, which makes it very efficient for the use. The casing of the magazine is a hard metal that provides good support. These magazines can be used in the previous WEM4s and the contemporaries. The recent version of the airsoft gun does not comply with this magazine. 

If you want to check about the gun, whether it is an open bolt or closed bolt airsoft gun. You need to pull back the charging port handle. If you find a metal tube being dust cover then you have a closed bolt airsoft gun. This info comes handy when you are in dilemma regarding the usage of the magazines.

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