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The replica toy weapons that are used for airsoft sports are called airsoft pistol or gun. They are of very low power and are specially designed for shooting non-metallic spherical projectiles also referred to as "BBs". These BBs are generally built with plastic or biodegradable materials. A typical airsoft pistol has low muzzle energy ratings and the pellets of this gun as comparatively less penetrative and stopping powers than a conventional air gun. These air guns are engineered to promote maximum safety during competitive sports and recreation. Although a good protective gear is also adorned during the sport.

Based on the mechanism of pellet propulsion, airsoft guns are categorized into two types; pneumatic and mechanical. The mechanical version of the pistol has a coil spring-piston pump loaded and is either cycled by an electronic gearbox or manually cocked. The pneumatic airsoft pistol operates with the help of a valve-controlled release of prefilled gas such as propane mixed with silicon oil or CO2. The external appearance of the best airsoft pistol often resembles a genuine firearm and sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between the real and the toy weapon. When you decide to buy an airsoft pistol, check out the online websites where they offer airsoft pistols for sale.

Airsoft Pistols Canada

  • The sidearm of the pistols allows you to conveniently transit to an alternative weapon during the time you seek coverage while reloading or fixing any failure. Airsoft pistol can also be used instead of a primary weapon that isn’t well fitted for the scenario. For example, you are using an airsoft sniper rifle which is a bit slow and if the opponent is swifter in their task, you can change to a pistol for reaching the line of defense.
  • Some high-intensity close quarters matches are played exclusively with airsoft pistols. That is because, in such games, you need a great sidearm and cheap junk won’t suffice. When you try to balance the playing style with quality, you should go for Canadian airsoft pistols that fit in your hand well and makes for the best choice.Airsoft pistols are used for a variety of roles in the world of airsoft. It has been seen that usually these pistols are considered as second weapons in the games. They are used when your prime gun in use malfunctions or runs out of ammo. Yet, it is advisable, then when you go for getting an airsoft pistol, check the features and uses and pick up the one which you think would be a considerable backup.

Gearup Airsoft Pistols

We have a large selection of Airsoft pistols and revolvers for you to choose from.  Our selection includes Gas Blowback Pistols (GBBP), Non Blowback pistols, Revolvers and many accessories and parts. We carry the most recognized brands such as VFC (Vega Force Company), KWA, WE, KJW, KWC, EMG, Wingun, Tokyo Marui and many more. We have the perfect airsoft equipment for beginners to experienced players of all ages! Let's Gear Up!

We have many parts and accessories available to customize your unique gun.  We also provide modification and customization services if you require professional work!  Please contact us for more info!

We are committed to provide high-quality airsoft products and brands that are reliable and well known. We might not carry all the brands and products available in the airsoft market but the products that we do carry are carefully selected to ensure customer satisfaction.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we ensure all airsoft guns that we sell meets our high standards. All airsoft guns sold online goes through our multi-point inspection and functional testing prior to shipping.

GearUp Airsoft is dedicated to the development of airsoft as a mainstream sport in Canada.  We have sponsored many major airsoft events such as Night Fall, Arms Fest and Lion War's Shield Wall and we also sponsored and support local teams such as ARC and Pacific Recon.