• Welcome to Gear Up Airsoft! We are committed to providing the best airsoft in Canada, in terms of quality and price. We have made sure to offer the best brands and we also have a price matching policy with all retailers in the country.

  • Since 2013 we have been helping airsoft nutheads like you and me in Toronto and Canada find exactly the guns they are looking for. Our stock has airsoft rifles, bb guns, hi capa and everything you could ask for. You can visit our physical store in Markham, Ontario, but you can also buy online from anywhere in Canada. Feel free to explore our store and gear up!

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  • We’re picky about quality

    There’s nothing more annoying than having to return your new gun because it wasn’t the real deal. That’s why we run a 25 point quality test on all airsoft weapons so you only get the most legit.

  • All your favourite brands in one single place

    Let’s be honest. Scrolling through endless websites to find the perfect fit takes forever. So we decided to gather all those awesome airsoft brands you can’t stop talking about in our collections.

  • Flash Delivery

    Trust us, we know how daunting waiting for your new airsoft weapon to arrive is. Lucky for you, Flash is a full-time employee so your goodies arrive ASAP.

  • We stand on guard for thee

    That’s right by. Beforehand, we’re airsoft lovers and enthusiasts. And as members of the airsoft community, we do the impossible to help you find what you need at the best pricing and fix any issues with a big smile on our face.

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E&L will always be essential.

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Didn't we mention we have a huge GBB restock?

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You're probably missing a Raven Elite Gen 2.

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