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Airsoft is a team shooting sport where participants are supposed to shoot their opponents with a spherical plastic projectile. Participants take the help of airsoft rifles or guns to shoot their challengers. The external of airsoft is beautifully made either with metal or good quality real wood. A perfect airsoft rifle has all the realistic features and you are sure to experience realism. Just like the real version, these rifles also don’t have any frills. 


Its iconic steel magazine design is an exquisite thing that makes the rifles worth a try. People who have used the rifles often praise the amazing recoil system and it is because of the sheer mass of the bolt carrier group moving as the rifle cycles. It has adjustable rear and front iron sights which enable better vision. The other features like realistic blowback integrated sling mount and side AK optic mount platform makes it for the best airsoft weapon available. The weight of a rifle would be approximately 7.4 lbs when empty. There are primarily three types of rifles which are described below.


Choosing an Airsoft Rifle – Three Basic Types of Airsoft Rifles

Electric airsoft rifles - In an airsoft station you are sure to find a wide variety of electronic airsoft rifles. Some of the good quality brands include Classic Army, CYMA, G&G, ICS, JG, KWA and many more. Most of these are designed after the popular models of M16, G36, M4, MP5, P90, and AK47. They can fire continuously in fully automatic mode and will keep releasing the BBs out for the time you hold the trigger down. The electronic airsoft gun that has metal gearboxes enhances the versatility and reliability of the rifle.


Spring airsoft rifles - This type of rifle is powered by a spring mechanism. You have to manually cock this before you make a shot. Many airsoft enthusiasts have considered and accepted this type of rifle as exceptionally reliable. They require very little maintenance and are quite cheap. The spring-powered rifles are simple and have a very little movement in comparison to electric and gas guns. The biggest advantage of this rifle is doesn’t require any gas or batteries to operate.


Airsoft Sniper Rifle - This is the most accurate variant among all the other airsoft variants. They have proven their accuracy for long distances as well. They shoot at a high-level FPS to maximize the effective range. The long barrel that they have enhances precision more than airsoft guns. Most of the sniper rifles are bolt-action and need to be cocked before each shot which is more like the real rifle.


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On Feburary 16th 2021, the Liberals introduced Bill C-21 to public and redefined the definition of prohibited devices. Under the new definition, any device that resembles a real firearm which means airsoft, certain paintball marker and/or air guns will be categorized as prohibited device and hence, banned in Canada. This means the airsoft industry and the hobby we all love will be lost forever. Please lend your helping hand by writing to your MPs and voice our opionion. 


Airsoft: A Brief History

Airsoft guns emerged as the result of a ban. After World War II, the victorious powers banned Japan from using firearms. In a country with a great martial tradition, much of its population wanted to own and shoot guns.


When airsoft guns came onto the market, they were very well received by the public. They now had 1x1 scale guns that closely resembled the real ones, but didn't use gunpowder and fired safe projectiles.


Who created BB guns?

In the 19th century, the American company Daisy created a compressed-air rifle that fired a metal casing. This was used for shooting at fairs or for small game hunting. But the weapons used to play airsoft were created by the Japanese company Maruzen.


“In the 1960’s, Maruzen identified the appeal of reproduction air guns among exclusive hobbyists as well as created the first production-line reproduction air guns to fire plastic BB’s. Maruzen air guns were spring powered and also created to completely duplicate the look of real life weapons. Sissy obtained the idea for their “Softair” line.


Softair guns work by loading 6 mm plastic BB’s right into practical gun cartridges which you would then fill into a publication for the semi-automatic reproduction or load the chambers on the replica revolvers.”


When did airsoft guns become popular?

The first replicas were created in the 1960s, but in the late 1970s these became famous worldwide. By the end of this decade, airsoft competitions became a sport with different styles.


Do the replicas have licenses from the original manufacturers?

From the beginning, the arms manufacturing companies saw the possibility of reaching an audience that did not buy real firearms. For this reason, many began to sell the manufacturing rights to companies that were dedicated to airsoft.


What styles of competition exist?

Hi-Cap Game:  The players are divided into two teams. Each group must meet previously agreed objectives, and whoever does it, wins the game.


Big Game:  Between 100 and 500 players compete in a much larger area, and the missions to be carried out are more complex.


Extreme:  This game takes place in natural environments, where players must overcome rivers, forests and challenging terrain. They usually last between 20 and 48 hours.


MIlitary Simulation:  Real battlefields are simulated, with complex situations and new orders that arise. It is perhaps the most difficult of the game modes, due to the level of physical and mental skills needed.


Airsoft Practical Shooting:  You shoot at fixed or mobile mechanized targets in this discipline. One or more players can do it.


Code of honor in airsoft:

To play this game in a fun and fairway, players must be honest. The ammunition does not leave marks, so each player must notify when they are hit. For this, you must respond with personal honesty.


“Participants should bear in mind that calling out a hit is part of the fun. If you do not call out your hits, it is synonymous to cheating and would degrade the quality of your game-play experience. When you are hit, call it out immediately, raise your hands, and withdraw from the game. In some cases, participants are given a rag, usually red in color, which they pull out and display on their head or body, after calling out a hit. Even for just a split second that you thought you are hit, which you probably were, uphold the code of honor and call it out.”


Canada's new gun bill unfairly targets airsoft industry, says Waterloo retailer

Canada's new gun law threatens to reduce the airsoft business drastically. Ziming Wan, manager of BlackBlitz Airsoft in Waterloo, demonstrates that these guns are safe and that this law is unfair and detrimental to his business.


Bill C-21 is currently being debated in the House of Commons. According to federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, it aims to end the proliferation, importation, exportation or sale of replicas of real guns, referring to airsoft guns.


The statement says Bill C-21 will not affect "law-abiding owners and sport shooters when it becomes law." And air pistols, or airsoft guns, "that do not exactly replicate an existing firearm are not banned."


Wan worries that if the bill passes as is, his business will close, and he will lose his job. It was not consulted with the Canadian Airsoft industry, he argues.


For his part, Sgt. David Caron of the Guelph Police Service says the challenge for police is that many officers don't know if a gun is a replica or authentic until they handle it themselves. He adds that the sport can be safe in the right environment and with the right people.


He says police take all gun calls seriously, whether it's gunshots or a citizen seeing someone in their neighbourhood walking down the street with a gun that may be fake.


Airsoft is a popular game of simulated military combat, essentially a game of tag with fake guns, Wan said. It is played in small groups or at weekend events.


The game's object is similar to paintball and is played on paintball fields. Players wear protection, so the guns are very safe.


Airsoft groups have started e-petitions to ask the government to remove airsoft guns from Bill C-21. More than 50,000 people have signed a petition on and another on the House of Commons website.