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Ultimate Airsoft Guns and Gear in Toronto

Level up your game with the latest guns, gear, accessories and customization airsoft has to offer. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have EVERYTHING you could possibly need.

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All Makes and Models of Airsoft Guns for Sale Online

You have come to the best place to buy airsoft guns online. We stock a complete range of airsoft pistols, rifles, airsoft shotguns, and airsoft sniper rifles. You will find spare parts, mods and comprehensive customization options for all airsoft equipment.

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Types of Canadian airsoft guns

Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

AEGs or electric guns are some of the most commonly used airsoft rifles. As the name suggests, they are powered by a rechargeable battery (mostly). Electric airsoft rifles are the most popular electric gun but you will find other electric airsoft guns such as pistols too.

Pro tip:

If you are looking to buy an AEG, look for one with a metal gearbox. Guns with a plastic gearbox are not as durable as metal ones, though they are lighter.

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas-powered airsoft guns offer some of the most realistic handling and firing characteristics. They use propane (green gas) or CO2 to propel the BB. Gas cartridges must be changed once they are used up, but don’t worry as they last a long time. Pistols are the most popular gas airsoft gun. If you are looking for a more life-like experience, try out a gas blowback airsoft gun (GBB). Players who want realism opt for gas blowback rifles (or GBBR).

Pro tip:

If you are looking for the maximum punch for long-distance shots, CO2 offers much higher pressures than green gas and offers higher velocities. However, green gas is gentler on your gun’s internals and even lubricates the piston and barrel.

Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring-powered airsoft guns use a simple cock and shoot mechanism. Spring airsoft guns are popular for their relatively lower price and because they don’t require gas or batteries to be operated. But don’t be fooled, spring airsoft guns can still pack a punch. You can also find spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles. The only downside is that the rate of fire cannot match that of gas and electric airsoft guns.

Pro tip:

Consider modifying your spring and assembly to increase the power of the airsoft gun. A high-end spring system can give sniper rifle-level of range.


Can’t find the right BB for your gun?

We stock BBs of all weights. Whether you are looking for lightweight BB rounds to unload in a full-auto spray or need a higher weight tracer BB, you are sure to find it. We are one of the best stocked Canadian airsoft guns BB ammo suppliers.

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Not an Ordinary Canadian Airsoft Guns Store

Have questions about your purchase? Get in touch with us online, call us or visit our store and our knowledgeable staff (and fellow BB enthusiasts) will help you with your purchase. We stock all major brands. If it’s not in stock we may be able to order it for you.

Our store is located in Markham Ontario and we are glad to be one of the Toronto airsoft stores that are here to serve the Toronto Airsoft and the Canada Airsoft communities. Find us on the Airsoft Canada forum. We have a large selection of Airsoft guns including rifles, pistols and sniper rifles for you to choose from.  Our selection includes AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun), GBBR (Gas Blowback Rifles), GBBP (Gas Blowback Pistols), Spring-action sniper rifles, bolt action rifles, and all accessories and parts. We carry the most recognized brands such as VFC (Vega Force Company), KWA, Ares, Amoeba, King Arms, Classic Army, WE, KJW, Arcturus, E&L and many more.  We have the perfect airsoft equipment for beginner players to experienced airsoft pros of all ages! Let's Gear Up!

We are committed to providing high-quality airsoft products and brands that are reliable and well known. We might not carry all the brands and products available in the airsoft market but the products that we do carry are carefully selected to ensure customer satisfaction.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we ensure all Canadian airsoft guns that we sell meet our high standards.  All airsoft guns sold online go through our multi-point inspection and functional testing prior to shipping.

Gear Up Airsoft is dedicated to the development of airsoft as a mainstream sport in Canada.  We have sponsored many major airsoft events such as Night Fall, Arms Fest, and Lion War's Shield Wall and we also sponsored and support local teams such as ARC and Pacific Recon.