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Airsoft Shotguns

The airsoft shotguns are preferred because they feature burst fire for the maximum effect which gives you unlimited fun while in action. The airsoft shotguns are the best replicas of the original ones that combine value with functionality. It one of the best options which can be used to introduce the airsoft sport to new enthusiasts. Whether you are being the cover fire for your team members or evacuating a room full of enemies, these shotguns would not only meet but exceed your expectations. It is considered to be the best form of a CQB weapon. The shotguns are generally made of a high-grade polymer which makes it extremely durable and limits excessive weight. The player is, therefore, able to use the weapon comfortably. The ergonomic grip of the shotgun provides a no-slip surface and initiates a better gun control and stability.

The extended barrel allows perfect accuracy and range which makes it easy for the user to shoot long-range targets. 

Gearup Airsoft

Airsoft guns function on the spring power mechanism which is undoubted of high quality. This mechanism makes sure that you never run out of CO2 or gas during airsoft game and you are therefore able to knock down your enemies without worrying about refueling. The front and rear sights of the shotgun helps the player to accurately pin down the targets quickly without a need of additional optic sight. The unique design of the triple inner barrel system allows the simultaneous firing of three rounds per trigger pull. The rifle has a real shell magazine like the real steel that holds 30 rounds. The authentic look of the shotgun looks perfect on your hands when you hold them for playing. The rear and front sling mount points give way to many types of slings so that the player can easily transport this shotgun.

The power, the accuracy and the sturdy polymer build of the shotgun make it an alluring weapon for the competition.

Few of the advantages of airsoft shotguns are:

  • They are a comparatively lower price than the other airsoft weapons.
  • They are engineered with quite a simple and straightforward machine that is easy to understand.
  • The good quality polymer build makes it a lightweight weapon. Hence the users can hold it without straining their arms.
  • The shotguns are sturdy and durable and can withstand all weather conditions smoothly.
  • Due to the spring mechanism, there is no tension of low battery or gas usage.