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KWA RN47 Tier 1 Premium Pack

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KWA RN47 Tier 1 Premium Pack

KWA RN47 Tier 1 Premium Pack

Brand: KWA
Product code: 104-04700-T1
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Continue Down The Legendary Path Of The Ronin With The KWA Ronin 47.

Wander to and from different battlefields with the ability to adjust your weapon’s FPS with KWA’s Variable Performance System which allows you the freedom and mobility to engage enemies where you please. The RN47 is equipped with KWA’s new “Cutter” Muzzle Brake, aggressive 7″ MLOK handguard, Gen. 2 PDW stock, and a paddle style magazine release similar to the QRF Mod 1’s magazine release. Unleash full demon mode and drop in your favorite MOSFET/ETU in the RN47 gearbox to demoralize and demolish your enemies. AK47 style mid-caps complete the renegade look on this latest KWA AEG 2.5+. 

Premium Pre Order Bundles gets you armed with exclusive Ronin 47 swag such as hoodies, t-shirts, and patches ready to join any skirmish at a moment’s notice. At the top of the Pre Order tier tower sits the RN47 Premium Pack which includes the fabled RN47 Drifter Edition. The Drifter comes adorned with “Drifter Green” accented Cutter Brake, PDW stock rails, and trigger along with standard R47 swag. 

Package includes:

          RONIN 47 Specifications 

Length (Retracted):        24.50” 

Length (Extended):         29.25”  

Height:                              11”      

Outer Barrel Length:       6.75”   

Inner Barrel Length:        8.625”            

Magazine Capacity:        120                                            

Weight:                            6.2 lbs                           

Rate of Fire:                     20+                                                          

Velocity:                              ~ 340 FPS min ~ 370 FPS max, Adjustable FPS  

Power Source:                 NiMh or Li-Po/Li-Fe (Deans /T-Plug ) 


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