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Brand: ARES
Product code: MSR-008
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These are the airsoft replica of the accuracy's international renowned Arctic Warfare Sniper series. The name of this replica is after the arctic warfare magnum which fires the .338 Lapua bullet rounds. This is the upgraded replica of L115A3 with some of the key additions such as fluted barrel and monopod.

This gun weighs around four kilograms. It measures about four feet without the suppressor. ARES AW338 rifle is substantially long which makes it a typical sniper rifle.

This gun mainly has two parts. The lower body is made of a top-quality polymer. It helps to propel the gun head and shoulders. We can say that the lower body is made up of par grade material which is the best part of this gun. On the other hand, the outer barrel and the trigger box are constructed with all metal. The outer barrel provides a very appealing aesthetic aspect to the rifle due you its fluted design. The safety mechanism is as general as others, white signifies safe and red shows the gun is fully prepared to shoot. The monopod provides a very essential usage as when you get stuck in a complicated position, then it helps a lot by providing a stable position.


Operation: Spring Bolt Action
Velocity: 440 FPS
Range: 180 Ft
Ammunition Size: 6mm
Ammunition Weight: .20g/.25g/.30g
Build Material: CNC 6063 Aluminum / Polymer
Color(s): Black
Aluminum 27" Fluted Barrel
Aluminum Receiver Housing
Aluminum Bolt Assembly
Nylon Fiber Polymer Body
Single Chamber Muzzle Brake
Folding Ergonomic Stock
Adjustable Height Monopod
Raised Cheek Pad
2 Sling Attachment Points
Partly VSR-10 Compatible
Stainless Steel Internal Parts
Smooth Bolt Pull Design
500mm Inner Barrel Length
6.03 Tightbore Barrel Diameter
Adjustable Hop-Up
70 Round Magazine
Includes Bipod & Scope Mount

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