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  • Airsoft Logic 7.4V Stick Lipo Battery 20C (Mini Tamiya Connector)
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The first thing one gets to notice about this gun is the sleek design. The plastic body of the gun is one excellent design that is neither too rough nor too smooth. This is because the body of the gun is not painted or the outer surface is powder-coated, the entire gun is airbrush painted which gives it a smooth finish. This smooth finishing is very much required as one cannot let the gun slip off one’s hands while a person is playing. Even the ones who prefer the grainy texture of the guns would love this design. ARCTURUS airsoft is known for this design.

The top feature of this gun can be very well pointed out that the ambidextrous fire selector. This fire selector allows one to pull the trigger and use the gun easily and change the frequency and intensity of the fires that are made from the gun. There is only one battery space that is available in the gun where one can load their batteries. There are a buffer tube and a screen that is provided on the end cap. Gearup Airsoft Canada sells these types of guns.


• M-Lok Rail System
• Wired To Deans In The Top Cover
• M4 CTR Stock (no wobble)
• Magpul Style Pistol Grip
• Enhanced Safety Lever
• De-Cocking Function
• Electronic Trigger Unit
• 9mm Bushings & 9mm Bearings
• All Steel Receiver,
• Steel Rear Sling Point
• Railed Gas Tube
• Steel AK Side Scope Bracket
• Quick Release Spring Change
• Aluminium Nozzle
• 2 x Magazines Included 1 x High 1 x Mid
• 340mm Long 6.02mm Inner Barrel

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