The Airsoft Canada Industry and Airsoft Companies Selling Airsoft Guns

The Airsoft Canada Industry and Airsoft Companies Selling Airsoft Guns

Canada Airsoft Guns Industry 

 Airsoft Guns Canada is a thriving industry with many companies across the country selling airsoft guns, ammunition and gear. The global industry is expected to reach $2.5 billion USD by the year 2025 with more and more consumers willing to reach into their pockets and spend on adventure sports activities. As more and more airsoft shooting range clubs are added to the mix both across the world and in Canada, it’s easy to see that the market is booming.

The fastest rate of expansion in the airsoft Canada industry can be witnessed in the market of online sales. Consumers are able to purchase airsoft Canada products from a variety of different brands on various online sites. Gearupairsoft aims to provide access to a large collection of quality products and accessories for airsoft guns in Canada.

The largest market for airsoft sales has been North America due to the popularity of the sport across the United States and Canada.  Airsoft shooting range clubs are popping up across the entire continent with players from different levels becoming members to associate with like-minded gaming enthusiasts.

A lot of the sales are due to Generation X and Baby Boomers purchasing these products.  Airsoft Canada guns can be used for a number of different activities including target practice and gaming adventure sports. It isn't hard to find an airsoft field and competitions where teams can go head-to-head to re-create war experiences and to have a great time.

 Airsoft Canada handguns have become increasingly popular since they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They can also be used without the need for a magazine, which makes them the perfect entry point for beginners. Next in line would be airsoft Canada rifles, which are extremely popular for wargame adventures and for use on airsoft fields. 

Purchasing Airsoft Canada Handguns and Rifles

Consumers should be aware that purchasing handguns and rifles from another country can come with its own set of problems. Any airsoft gun purchased in Canada is legal but if you are trying to import one, the gun will only pass inspection if it has anywhere from 366FPS to 500FPS. If it doesn't meet these specifications, border inspection officers have the authority to either destroy it or send it back. When you take into account the exchange rate as well as shipping charges, it's always best to purchase airsoft Canada handguns and rifles from legitimate Canadian stores. So, buy now at Gearupairsoft with  free shipping Canada-wide on orders over $300

List of Airsoft Companies in Canada

Here is a list of the airsoft companies that sell airsoft supplies in Canada. All of the stores were doing business at the time of writing.


  • PM Hobbycraft in Calgary 
  • 007 Airsoft in Calgary 
  • B2 Airsoft (B Squared Airsoft) in Edmonton 
  • Badlands Paintball in Calgary 
  • Buy Airsoft in Red Deer 
  • Comex Hobby in Edmonton 
  • Capital Airsoft/Force on Force Tactical in Edmonton 

British Columbia

  • Badlands Paintball in Vancouver 
  • Trigger Airsoft in Richmond 
  • Phoenix Tactical in Richmond 
  • Camouflage in Vancouver 


  • Xtreme Tactics in Winnipeg 
  • Badlands Paintball in Winnipeg 

Nova Scotia

  • Scotia Arms Airsoft in Yarmouth 
  • Venture Airsoft in Cow Bay 


  • Gear Up Airsoft in Markham 
  • Action Air Canada in Mississauga 
  • Challenger Airsoft/My Airsoft in Toronto 
  • Airsoft Depot in Scarborough 
  • Daymak Windsor/SOAR Hobby in Windsor 
  • Badlands Paintball in Toronto, Hamilton, Richmond Hill and Pickering 
  • Chigun Hobby Store in Markham 
  • BlackBlitz Airsoft in Waterloo 
  • DMZ Airsoft & Paintball in St. Catharine's 
  • Hero Outdoors in Oshawa 
  • Forest City Surplus in London 
  • High Precision Airsoft in St. Catharines 
  • JT Military Surplus in Ottawa 
  • Infinity Arms in Toronto 
  • Maier Action Games in Thunder Bay 
  • Toronto Airsoft in Toronto 
  • Maple Airsoft Supply in Waterloo 
  • Niagara Quartermaster in St. Catharines 

Prince Edward Island

  • Andy’s Airsoft in Charlottetown 


  • Taktik Airsoft in Montreal 
  • Tactical Center in St-Nicolas 
  • Headshot Airsoft in Gatineau 
  • Fighter System in Gatineau 
  • Aventure Airsoft Lanaudiere in Montreal 
  • Division XP in Quebec City 
  • Canarmo airsoft in Quebec City 


Most of the companies listed above have a storefront and also sell airsoft Canada products online. There are also stores that only sell supplies online and they include:

  • Ultimate  airsoft 
  • Western Canadian  airsoft Supply
  • Airsoft Parts Canada
  • Replica Airguns
  • Airsoft Store Canada
  • Canarmo  airsoft and Tactical Equipment
  • Northern Recon
  • Upper Canada Tactical

You may also be able to pick up airsoft equipment at department stores such as Walmart and Canadian Tire but the quality of these airsoft guns may not meet your standards. 

We recommend purchasing Canada airsoft products from suppliers that specialize in the airsoft industry. Gearupairsoft  offers price match services upon request. 

The Canadian Airsoft Association

This Association was first formed back in 2021 as a national organization for businesses and players across Canada. It is committed to helping communities and businesses to ensure that airsoft can continue to be enjoyed safely in Canada in the future. It acts as an advocate and educates the government, media and public about the airsoft hobby and the many positive effects it has on individual players, the community and the economy.

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