Airsoft Rifles versus Paintball Guns – Which Is Best?

Airsoft Rifles versus Paintball Guns – Which Is Best?

Both Airsoft rifles and paintball guns are used by players in combat games of all types, but they are both extremely different. Some people prefer one over the other but if you're just getting started and want to know which one would be best for you, here is a complete guide that compares the two types of guns. Read on to find out the differences between them so that you can know with full certainty which one you prefer before starting your shopping.

Paintball Rifles

Paintball games are usually played very quickly and involve the eliminating players. They use paint projectiles that are filled with polyethylene glycol and other water-soluble and non-toxic substances. Dye is added to give them colour so that it's extremely obvious to see when another player has been hit.

Paintball guns use compressed gas to shoot out the projectiles and use more energy than airsoft rifles. The paintballs are larger and more force is required to propel them.

Airsoft Rifles

Airsoft games are based on military combat where elimination is also the target. These guns send out BBs, which are made of compressed plastic.  Participants usually wear military-style combat gear that typically resembles the era that the game is based on. There are tournaments held that commonly attract many airsoft enthusiasts.

The airsoft rifles on the market today and airsoft pistols are available in several different styles. They are made to replicate firearms from different time periods during history.

Consider the Accuracy

For safety reasons, both paintball and airsoft fields limit the velocity allowed by the guns. Paintball rifles usually fire off at less than 300 feet per second while the limit set at airsoft fields is usually regulated somewhere between 300 up to 500 feet per second.

Airsoft rifles are more accurate than paintball guns over long distances. Therefore, airsoft fields are usually much larger than paintball fields. Airsoft games aren't as fast paced as paintball ones, which are played on smaller fields, but you can get much more accurate shots when using airsoft guns, which is one of the reasons why they are so appealing to people that love to play combat sports. 

A BB used in an airsoft rifle is only approximately 1/3 of a paintball size. This means that it is less likely to be affected by wind resistance. This makes for more accurate shots and the person taking the shot also has more likelihood of hitting his opponent than he would with a paintball rifle. Airsoft BBs aren't as visible as paintball so when it's shooting out at an opponent it becomes harder to evade.

The games with airsoft rifles are an accurate representation of warfare in the military and are often played with costumes relative to the era of the war. Players will enjoy and take part in a somewhat realistic portrayal of military combat during a particular time. There will be rules and regulations associated with the game, which also reflect the actions during a specific military time period.



Benefits of Using Airsoft Guns Canada

Some of the main benefits of airsoft guns Canada vs paintball guns include:

  • Cheaper to operate

  • Receiving a hit is less painful

  • Better accuracy

  • Realistic simulation of combat

  • Smaller gas containers

  • No paint splatter to deal with

Different Clothing Required

You'll usually see paintball players in padded, lightweight armour while airsoft players only wear this type of gear when involved in close-quarter combat. Both types of games do require eye protection and many airsoft and paintball players use face protection as well.



Electric Airsoft Guns Canada - The Hits Are Less Painful

Paintball rifles use paintballs and while they aren't as solid as BBs are, they still tend to be more painful. They are bigger and heavier than small BBs and many paintball gamers have switched over to playing airsoft games for this reason. Getting a hit from electric airsoft guns Canada generally tends to be much less painful. It is easier to continue with the game and there isn't as much worry about getting hit. It's not so much about the pain of getting hit with airsoft shots but rather the fact that you have been eliminated that hurts the most.

The Integrity of the Sport

It’s easy to know when somebody has been hit by a paintball since the evidence will be obvious. There will be paint splatter so there can be no denying that a person got hit. When competing in an airsoft game, however, you’ll need to trust the people that you are playing with. In competitions, while it is difficult to prove whether a player has been hit or not, there is a huge price to pay if it is discovered that a competitor has been lying. This person will either be kicked out of the game or may be banned from playing in future tournaments due to this lack of integrity.

The Popularity of the 2 Sports

Airsoft is a much cheaper option than paintball, but paintball remains more popular for a couple of reasons. You can find paintball gaming rooms in any major city across the country and children and teenagers are introduced to this game at a young age. They then head off to paintball fields to try their luck out in the open.

A lot of people that play paintball end up switching over to using airsoft rifles instead, however, because it is a cheaper option and offers more challenges. They are both completely different types of sports, however, with the only thing linking them together is the use of guns to compete. Both of these sports also offer specialized tournaments where anywhere from 300 up to 5,000 people can take part.

Airsoft games offer a level of complexity they can be found with paintball games. If you have been playing paintball in the past and want to take things up a notch you should definitely try your hand with airsoft rifles. Shop for airsoft guns Canada today at

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