What is the responsible way to use compressed airsoft weapons?

What is the responsible way to use compressed airsoft weapons?

In recent years airsoft guns have become a very popular sport in Canada. Mainly young people play this sport. One of the questions that come to mind when we think of airsoft guns is how safe they are.

What are airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are those that propel pellets through a cylinder of compressed air. The shells that fire these weapons range between 5.5 and 6.6 millimeters, being quite small. 1

Are airsoft guns dangerous? 

Airsoft guns are extremely safe, they only pose a danger to the eyes. So it is advisable to use protection. The speed and size of the projectiles are low so it is unable to penetrate the skin, much less cause serious damage.

How much does a shot from an airsoft gun hurt? 

Airsoft impacts are less painful than paintball impacts. According to people who have taken both types of hits in open areas, they say airsoft hits are half as painful as paintball hits.

“Or it might be the other way around. Most battle-tested players liken being shot with an airsoft gun at close-to-moderate range to a bee sting, a hard pinch, or a mean-spirited whack with a stick.” 2

In case the area is protected by a special airsoft suit, the impact is much less painful. According to the people who have received it, it is similar to a small push in the impact area.

Airsoft protective gear

Glasses: The most important protective equipment that we must use are glasses. The eyes are the most vulnerable exposed part of the body, which is why it is the one that can be most affected by a shot from an airsoft gun.

“The first condition is eyewear. Never, ever, shoot at someone who is not wearing proper eye protection.

Proper eye protection means eye goggles rated at least ANSI Z87.1 or paintball goggles. Proper eye protection is not military sun/dust/wind goggles, ski goggles, or shop goggles. Do not risk your own eyes or take on liability for your friend’s eyes. Always wear proper eye protection when shooting airsoft guns! Read more about eye protection.” 3

Gloves: The main function of the gloves is to protect the hands when operating the airsoft gun, although it also protects from impacts.

Helmet: The head is an area of great vascularization. Although our brain is protected by the skull, the head has many blood vessels. A shot from an airsoft gun to the head is not capable of causing death or serious damage, but it could break the skin and cause a small amount of bleeding.

The rest of the protection: The main objective of the rest of the protection is to complete the suit to cover all the skin, thus preventing impacts from being very painful.

Can I use air guns that are used in the fair or hunting to play airsoft? 

No, this is very dangerous. The air rifles used at fairs and hunts do not use this system. These through springs compress the ambient air, generating greater pressure. Also, the projectiles are larger and made of metal, so the impact is more powerful. These weapons if fired at close range and hitting a sensitive area could cause serious injury or death.

What is the minimum age to play with airsoft guns?

There is no minimum age requirement to play airsoft in Canada. Although only adults can carry weapons, minors can use them under adult supervision.

According to specialists, the recommended minimum age to use these weapons is between 15 and 16 years; This is because it is when there is a responsibility to maintain the necessary care. However, it is recommended that all minors using them have adult supervision.

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