The Types of Games You Can Play with Airsoft Rifles and Guns

The Types of Games You Can Play with Airsoft Rifles and Guns

Once you have purchased an airsoft rifle or handgun and have the ammunition, it's time to decide on the type of game that you want to play. There are many different game types to choose from and there are skirmishes that can involve either big teams or small ones. You'll also have different places where to play these games, including indoors, outdoors, in a rural or in an urban setting.

We have listed some airsoft games that have become more popular over the years. You should understand, however, that there will be different penalties and rules assigned according to the organizers and the location where it is being played.


In this game, 25% of the people playing are blindfolded and then led away to a drop zone. Groups are formed with the other players and their job is to defend 3 different objects that have been placed in the game field. A game field map is provided to the paratroopers and the places marked where they can meet up later. The paratroopers must find the objects, steal them and then take them to the meet up zone in order to win the game.

Team Deathmatch

This is one of the most popular games played with airsoft rifles and guns, and for a good reason. It is based on a video game with 2 teams opposing each other. The goal is to kill more opponents than the other team. When a player gets hit, it must be declared and the player has to go to a certain location for a specific period of time. It's a very competitive game, with the priority always being to make successful shots against the enemy team. It's the simplicity of this game that makes it so popular.

Canadian Airsoft Game "Demolitions"

There are 2 bases in the game, along with an object that represents a mock explosive, placed in between the 2 bases on the field. The goal of the game is to get the charge over to the enemy base. If the player makes it to the other side and the enemy doesn't get them for a certain amount of time, the opposing team loses. If the person holding the mock explosive is eliminated from the game, another player may pick it up and the game continues. This is another popular Canadian airsoft game that players love, since it involves the element of an explosive device that could theoretically detonate at any time.

Capture the Flag

In this game a team must capture the flag of the opposing team. This means that a player must be able to reach the enemy's base, take the flag and return it to his own home base. If the player that is carrying the flag is shot and thus eliminated from the game at any point, another carrier can take the flag and continue on with it. Another version of this is called Dead Flag and it is a tactical version of the Capture the Flag game. In this variant, if a player gets eliminated while carrying the flag, the team that owns the flag can go get it and bring it back to its original starting point.


Players in this game are grouped into an infantry team or a sniper team using sniper rifles. The infantry team is three times the size of the sniper team and it's up to the small sniper group to eliminate the infantry before they are able to make it to the end of a path. In the game, the infantry troop must follow this path and stay on it while the snipers can move as they want in order to try to stop them from reaching the end of the path.


This one is different from the Capture the Flag game, since players must carry a bomb with a timer ticking away on it to the enemy's base. Once there, they must defend the bomb until the timer is done. If the bomb gets dropped through the elimination of the player, anyone else may collect it. This Canadian airsoft game should be tried by anyone that loves to play Capture the Flag, since it is almost the exact opposite format of it.

Free for All

This is the perfect game for players that want to play independently to win. Basically it involves shooting opponents until the last man remains standing. There is no dependence on other players and no teams involved. Players must always be aware of their surroundings, since they can be hit from any angle.

Hostage Rescue

There are 3 teams involved in this game play. The airsoft rifles belonging to the hostages are removed while the rescuers are still allowed to carry their guns. The rescuers are allowed to carry extra guns to provide to the hostages once they reach them. The enemy team tries to shoot down the rescuers and the hostages, while for the rescue group to win they must return at least 50% of the hostages to their base without getting hit.

Prison Break

This is another fast-paced Canadian airsoft game that involves two teams: the prisoners and the guards. The prisoners may only carry airsoft pistols, while the guards are able to carry airsoft rifles or any other type of gun. The prisoners have to break out of prison and then reach a specified location in order to win the game. If the guards prevent them from getting to this location, their team wins.

Electric Airsoft Guns in Canada

Woman playing airsoft with her electric airsoft guns

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