The Best Airsoft Fields in Ontario

The Best Airsoft Fields in Ontario - Gear Up Airsoft's Ultimate Guide!


Are you an avid airsoft enthusiast residing in Ontario, Canada, eager to find the perfect battleground for your next airsoft adventure? Look no further! Gear Up Airsoft, your trusted source for high-quality airsoft in Canada is here to guide you through the best airsoft fields in Ontario. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, Ontario offers some incredible airsoft venues that will cater to your every tactical need. So, gear up and let's explore where you can experience the most thrilling airsoft battles in the province!


Barrie Paintball - Barrie, Ontario

Barrie Paintball, located in the scenic city of Barrie, Ontario, is a versatile venue that caters to both paintball and airsoft enthusiasts. With a beautiful natural landscape, this field offers a unique and immersive experience for airsoft players.

  1. Gameplay Variety: Barrie Paintball provides diverse playing environments, including dense woods, open fields, and tactical structures. This variety allows players to adapt their strategies and tactics, making each visit a fresh and exciting experience.
  2. Rental Equipment: If you're new to airsoft or didn't bring your gear, Barrie Paintball offers rental equipment, ensuring that everyone can join in on the action. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist and provide guidance.
  3. Scenarios and Events: Barrie Paintball frequently hosts themed scenarios and events that add a level of excitement and narrative to your airsoft battles. Whether you're storming an enemy base or embarking on a rescue mission, these scenarios offer a unique twist to your gameplay.
  4. Proximity to the GTA: While not in the immediate GTA, Barrie is easily accessible from the Greater Toronto Area, making it a great option for those looking to venture slightly further for their airsoft adventures.


Wasaga Adventure Park - Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Wasaga Adventure Park, located in the picturesque town of Wasaga Beach, is a prime destination for airsoft and paintball enthusiasts. This expansive field offers a stunning natural setting for your airsoft battles.

  1. Largest Outdoor Field in Ontario: Wasaga Adventure Park boasts the title of the largest outdoor airsoft and paintball field in Ontario. This means you'll have plenty of space to engage in epic battles, whether you prefer long-range sniping or close-quarters skirmishes.
  2. Natural Terrain: The field features a mix of natural terrain, including forests, hills, and open fields. It's an ideal spot for players who appreciate the challenge of adapting to different landscapes during gameplay.
  3. Variety of Game Modes: Whether you're interested in objective-based scenarios, team deathmatch, or capture the flag, Wasaga Adventure Park offers a wide range of game modes to keep your airsoft adventures exciting and varied.
  4. On-Site Amenities: The park provides on-site amenities such as picnic areas, restrooms, and concessions, ensuring that your day of airsoft is comfortable and enjoyable.
  5. Camping Option: For those looking to extend their airsoft experience, Wasaga Adventure Park offers camping facilities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the airsoft community and make the most of your visit.


Ultimate Airsoft - North York, Ontario

Ultimate Airsoft, located in North York, brings the excitement of airsoft to the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. This indoor facility is dedicated exclusively to airsoft, providing a controlled environment for year-round gameplay.

  1. Indoor Airsoft Action: Ultimate Airsoft offers a climate-controlled indoor arena, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer consistent gameplay conditions regardless of the weather outside. The arena is designed to provide a dynamic and challenging urban warfare experience.
  2. Equipment Rentals: If you're new to airsoft or don't have your gear, Ultimate Airsoft offers rental equipment, including airsoft guns, protective gear, and BBs. This makes it accessible for newcomers to get a taste of airsoft without a significant initial investment.
  3. Private Parties and Events: Ultimate Airsoft welcomes private parties and events, making it an excellent choice for celebrations, team-building activities, or just a fun day out with friends.
  4. Safety First: The facility prioritizes safety, with experienced referees ensuring that games run smoothly and that all safety rules are followed to create a secure and enjoyable environment for all players.


Action Airsoft Club - Toronto, Ontario

Action Airsoft Club, located in the heart of Toronto, is an urban airsoft facility that offers a unique experience for players looking to engage in intense CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenarios.

  1. Close Quarters Battle: Action Airsoft Club specializes in close-quarters combat, providing a realistic urban setting with various structures, rooms, and obstacles. It's an ideal venue for players who thrive in fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled battles.
  2. Experienced Player Base: The club attracts a dedicated community of experienced players who appreciate the challenges and dynamics of urban airsoft. It's an excellent place to learn from seasoned players and test your skills.
  3. Safety and Fair Play: Safety is paramount at Action Airsoft Club, with strict safety protocols in place to ensure a secure gaming environment. The club promotes fair play and sportsmanship among its members.
  4. Variety of Scenarios: While CQB is the focus, the club offers a variety of scenarios, ensuring that every visit is unique and challenging.


Explore Paintball Locations!

Flag Raiders Paintball & Airsoft, located in Kitchener, Ontario, is a well-established airsoft field with a rich history. This venue has been a hub for both paintball and airsoft enthusiasts for years. Their dedication to providing top-notch facilities and gameplay experiences is evident from the moment you step onto their expansive field.

Ultimate Paintball & Airsoft, nestled in the picturesque town of Milton, Ontario, is a haven for airsoft enthusiasts seeking diverse gameplay experiences. The site features a variety of playing fields, ranging from dense woods to open fields, offering a multitude of tactical challenges.

Defcon Paintball is a name synonymous with action-packed airsoft battles in the Greater Toronto Area. With locations in both Toronto and Mississauga, Defcon offers players the opportunity to experience diverse gameplay scenarios in urban settings.



Ontario is home to some of the best airsoft fields that cater to the needs of airsoft enthusiasts from all skill levels. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping battles in urban settings or a more immersive experience in natural environments, Ontario has it all. And if you're looking to gear up for your next airsoft adventure, remember that Gear Up Airsoft is your trusted partner, offering quality gear and guns at competitive prices.

So, gather your squad, load up on gear from Gear Up Airsoft, and head to one of these fantastic airsoft fields in Ontario. Get ready to experience intense battles, develop your tactical skills, and make lasting memories in the world of airsoft! Ontario's airsoft fields await your strategic expertise and teamwork. Get out there and play hard!

With numerous options to choose from, you'll find that Ontario is a treasure trove of airsoft experiences waiting to be explored. Whether you're in the GTA, Toronto, or anywhere else in the province, you're never too far from an exciting day of airsoft action. So, grab your gear, assemble your team, and embark on an airsoft journey that you won't soon forget!

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