Are airsoft guns legal in Canada?

Are airsoft guns legal in Canada? Everything you need to know

If you’re reading this blog post, we’re going to take an educated guess here and say you’re interested in airsoft - in that case, we already have something in common!

True, there’s nothing like playing one’s favourite video game or hanging out with friends over a great meal.

However, we’d argue airsoft may just take the cake as the ultimate go-to activity. 

But if you’re perusing this exact article, you’re probably wondering “Is airsoft legal in Canada?” - an excellent, albeit complex, question.

Before we dive into its answer though, we think it’s a good idea to give some background on the subject, first.

So let’s gear up, and get to it!


Airsoft: A brief history 

The genesis of airsoft dates back to roughly the 1980s in Japan, as many consider this to be where the sport was first played.

With strict firearm restrictions in place throughout many areas of the world, airsoft spread like wildfire as a safe alternative to real guns.

By the 1990s, airsoft had arguably reached global recognition, having landed in both Europe and North America.

Since then, airsoft’s popularity and technology has only progressed, with the sport being accessible (and, obviously, loads of fun) to people of many ages. 

Though resembling authentic firearms, airsoft guns are intentionally designed to avoid any possible injury, provided proper safety measures are followed and appropriate equipment (e.g. protective eyewear) is used.

While airsoft in Canada, both its prevalence and legal status, has varied throughout the years, its passionate players and contributions to the country are unquestionable.

Airsoft’s productiveness in Canada can be seen in many diverse respects: its positive effects on our economy, presence in the recreational sector, use in relevant training programs, even its part in the film industry; the list goes on (and on. and on. and - you get it.)


Bill C-21: Background, impact, updates 

So, we’ve briefly gone through how airsoft started and talked about its important place in Canada. But if Bill C-21 has its way, the latter could cease to exist - forever.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, airsoft became involved in Bill C-21 early last year. 

As a result, the contentious bill could now ban the game of airsoft across the country. 

As many have put it, our sport likely “dies” if this proposed legislation is passed, and, not to mention, would jeopardize the livelihoods of those working in the Canadian airsoft industry.

But in September of this year, Bill C-21 entered its “committee phase of law development”. 

During this time, some brave and amazing folks have been speaking up for airsoft’s survival in the Great White North.

And, to date, the Parliament of Canada is still in the midst of deliberating the bill within the House of Commons, meaning we can game on - for now, at least!

Airsoft in Canada: A simple guide

So we’ve established, for the time being anyway, it’s still legal to play airsoft in Canada. But perhaps some of you are wondering where to go from here.

What should you know about the game? Which products are the best? Any pro tips to keep in mind? 

Well, let us shed some light for any and all airsoft beginners out there!

As mentioned earlier, the sport of airsoft is completely safe (and loads of fun!) as long as strict precautions are followed, such as proper eye and head protection.

As well, in order to buy an airsoft gun in Canada, you need to be at least 18 years old.

However, though not able to purchase an airsoft weapon, those as young as 10 are often allowed to partake in the game. 

That said, airsoft rules can vary based on where you play, so it’s important to check with on-site regulations. And, for especially young players, adult supervision is usually required.

Nonetheless, we suggest players start airsofting between 15 to 16 years of age, given the game’s often demanding (but seriously exhilarating!) nature.

As for how to find the perfect airgun when you’re first starting out in the field? 

It’s ideal to make time to find the best gear for you. This means doing your research. And we can absolutely help with that!

Check out our post on choosing the right airsoft equipment.

In it we breakdown important factors such as your budget, product components to consider and other crucial points to think about as you dive into the amazing world of airsoft. 

But the key to being the best airsoft-er out there? Be prepared - on every front possible. 

Have the correct gear, know the rules and, of course, plan your strategy out beforehand in order to win every battle you’re a part of, while having the time of your life doing so!

While taking part in this unique sport is an incredible experience, we understand that in order to play it safely and enjoyably, it’s an investment too - and we’re always here to help guide you through it.

Feel free to call, message or visit us in store. We’d love to help get you started on your airsofting journey!

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