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5 Tips To Prepare for Airsoft in Winter

Ah, wintertime. More specifically, Canadian wintertime. There’s nothing quite like the Great White North in the colder months of the year.

The season brings holidays, snow-filled activities and the perfect excuse to cozy up at home.

And yet, given you’re reading this article, we’re going to say “staying cozy” may not be at the top of your winter to-do list; yeah, us neither.

Winter airsoft, though absolutely doable and giving you a unique gaming experience, should be approached with proper strategies in order to stay safe and optimize your airsoft winter fun.

Here we bring our top 5 tips to make the most of your winter airsoft experience; snow more delays - let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Time to make time

Whether you were born here or recently moved over to Canadian soil, you're probably well aware of the country’s cold temperatures - we’re kinda famous for them!

With our beloved airsoft often taking place outdoors, establishing a winter-friendly set-up for it (we’ll go into more detail for this in a sec!), and planning your schedule accordingly is key.

It’s important not to underestimate how the winter weather can impact your game negatively if you don’t prep, but positively if you do.

Many say practice makes perfect. But we’d also say, preparation makes perfect as well - so to begin, always make the time to get it right!

Tip #2: Assess your environment

To maximize your winter airsoft time, consider optimizing your landscape so you can use it to your advantage as much as possible.

This means making sure your airsoft site is up to par in both safety and gaming respects; things like slippery ice patches and piles of unpaved snow are factors that might hold you back, but can be rectified before playing.

And yet, in some cases, winter weather and airsoft just may not be a good fit. 

While determining how cold is too cold depends on your comfortability level and where exactly you live, it's always good to have backup options no matter what (i.e. a solid inside airsoft space).

Even those in milder areas of the country (e.g. British Columbia) can come across unsafe playing conditions, such as rain downpours or extreme fog.

If you’re in or around Toronto like we are, we’d say check out Siege Airsoft as a Plan B - considered by many as the country’s leading indoor facility for the sport, we doubt you’ll regret it.

Tip #3: Winter airsoft gear

Alright, maybe this is an obvious one but, ya gotta have layers on in the wintertime. 

Though what you should suit up with specifically will depend on your location, it’s likely safe to assume all of you will need the basic winter airsoft gear: protective headwear, jacket, gloves and sturdy boots. 

We may or may not know where you can find some of these essentials to keep you tactical and toasty…okay, just checked - we most definitely do

And, for the sake of the game, we have to go here too - make sure to start from the inside out by investing in some good thermal underwear.

It’s also important to keep in mind that striking a balance when gearing up is key - you want to be warm and comfortable, but not so much that you start over-sweating; this can mess with your body’s temperature and potentially affect your performance.

Now you may be thinking - hey now, on the matter of gloves, won’t wearing them get in the way of things? Not if you’re wearing the right ones.

Simply put, every time you face the cold, think head to toe when you’re getting ready. 

And if you ever think about skipping proper gear prep, remember: not doing so can impact your safety, therefore your amazing airsoft abilities.

Tip #4: Don’t forget your fuel

Most of us are so focused on the game that we often forget to take care of a major part of what makes the game possible: our hard-working bodies.

Though it’s probably not a great idea to have a huge feast before heading out (save that for when you celebrate your victory afterward) it’s a good idea to eat something, and to do so wisely.

When it comes to airsoft snacking, think light, but dense: Jerky, energy bars (we personally enjoy a good Clif bar) and trail mix are all great options. 

(Side note: Wear something with secure, spacious pockets, so you can pack some for later too)

Lastly, bring twice as much water as you think you’ll need - staying hydrated is just as important in the briskness of winter as it is in the heat of the summer!

Tip #5: Read up on winter airsoft tech specs

We’ve briefly covered how you should prepare yourself for winter airsoft. But let’s not forget, you should tend to your equipment as well!

For example, one’s batteries may not perform as well (i.e. last as long) in the winter - we suggest stocking up on them and having a battery charger on hand, too.

Because you can only limit how much the cold affects your gun and not eliminate it, wear and tear is inevitable.

In an attempt to combat this however, having a designated winter-only airsoft gun may be worth considering; if you can swing it, we highly recommend! 

Here’s some more straightforward advice on how to make your merchandise winter-weather ready.

Final thoughts:

While there may be much more for you in particular to keep in mind when preparing for winter airsoft, this guide is hopefully a good starting point to use when creating your own tailor-made routine.

Wintertime or otherwise, keeping the airsoft community strong and connected, especially these days, will always be important to us - never hesitate to visit us in store or get in touch - we’re game to hear from you anytime!

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