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Port Engineering Series

Port Engineering Series

Brand: CADA
Product code: C71002W
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    1. 1.C71002W is the STEAM concept set with a loading port theme.
      2.It offers a choice of ten exciting build options: a container truck, a port telescopic boom, a pullback module, a semi-trailer, a container lift, a gantry crane, a container straddle carrier, a container loader and a forklift.
      3.Additionally, the truck, container loader and forklift integrate the sound and motion sensor set, while the rest allows for extensive manual control.
      4.This set comes in a dedicated plastic storage box.

    2. Specification

      • Name: Port Engineering Series
      • Item: C71002(W)
      • Pcs: 634pcs
      • Level: Medium
      • Age: 6+

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