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Brand: KWA
Product code: 101-00251
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*This product may come with orange tip preinstalled. However black coloured replacement is included

The KWA 2016 model ATP-SE, was designed with specifically for the airsoft player with an edge. The redesigned ATP-SE provides players with a semi and full auto selector, a ported outer barrel for an aggressive look and a new threaded barrel feature for players looking to complete their load out with a mock suppressor.  

The lower polymer frame and aluminum alloy slide makes the pistol light and cost effective.  The accessory rail provides the operator with a tactical advantage and three dot sights allow for a rapid target acquisition. The ATP-SE also features an interchangeable back strap that allows the shooter to customize the fit and feel to their personal needs.

The Adaptive Training Pistol, or ATP, was KWA’s first originally designed training pistol unique to the airsoft market. It was designed to resemble the fit and feel of familiar duty weapons currently used by law enforcement and military groups. With the increasing cost of ammunition and the risks of live fire training, the KWA ATP Series is one of the most cost effective and valuable training tools available.

    Product Specs

    – Length: 209.55mm
    – Height: 145.00mm
    – Outer Barrel Length: 123.00mm
    – Inner Barrel Length: 104.00mm
    – Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
    – Magazine Capacity: 23 Rounds
    – Weight (with mag): 0.73kg
    – Velocity: 370-380 FPS
    – Gas system: New Structure 2
    – Propellant: Green Gas

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