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G5 SUV 4WD Off-Road Vehicle

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G5 SUV 4WD Off-Road Vehicle

G5 SUV 4WD Off-Road Vehicle

Brand: CADA
Product code: C61007W
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  • CaDA C61007W G5 SUV 4WD Off-Road Vehicl building toy pursues combination of invention and sophisticated technology. By investing in building everyone's potential, we can build a better tomorrow.

    Product description

    CaDA C61007W G5 SUV 4WD Off-Road Vehicle Remote Control Building Blocks Toy Set

    • Based on the prototype design of the BMW X5 car model, the styling lines are smooth and rough, the proportions of all parts are coordinated, and the accurate ratio is 1:10, which vividly restores the appearance of the real car;
    • Added power and LED lighting components on the basis of CaDA C61007;
    • Rich vehicle details: including a complete cockpit, steering wheel, left and right rearview mirrors, front and rear double seats, trunk, handbrake, etc.;
    • Manual functions include: four-wheel drive with independent suspension and suspension springs, manual control of forward, backward, left steering, right steering, steering wheel linkage steering, manual flexible door opening, manual knob control chassis lifting;
    • Power Function Parts include: battery box, M motor, power motor, servo motor, LED light, remote control, etc.
    • The remote control can be used to control the vehicle forward, reverse, turn, and control the vehicle chassis lift and light switch.
    • Measures about 19.8cm in high, 44.8cm in wide and 16.8cm in deep.
    • This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 2,208 pieces.

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