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Dada Robot

Dada Robot

Brand: CADA
Product code: C51028W
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    • 1.The C51028W represents a transformable robot.
      2.Choice between two exciting builds: The Kaka robot or Scorpion robot.
      3.Various points of articulation, including the shoulders, arms and fingers for the Kaka, and the tail and claws for the Scorpion.
      4.Remote control for the robot: forward, reverse and steer.
      5.Remote control for the Scorpion: forward, reverse, steer and firing of plastic bullets.
      6.Includes plastic bullets.
      7.Includes the Cada power system.


      • Name: Dada Robot
      • Item: C51028(W)
      • Pcs: 606pcs
      • Level: Medium
      • Age: 6+

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