The Most Important Combat Gear for Canadian Airsoft

The Most Important Combat Gear for Canadian Airsoft

There is a wide variety of combat gear available for Canadian airsoft enthusiasts but not all of them may be necessary for you, especially if you are just starting out with the sport. There are, however, some must-have accessories that you should include in your arsenal of combat gear whether you are a beginner or have been playing the sport for years.

When you consider that the ultimate goal of playing airsoft is to get your adrenaline rushing and for you to leave the field feeling like you have just won a million dollars, there are definitely some attachments and accessories that you should consider getting right now. Here is a list of the most useful and common combat gear that will help you bring your game up to a brand-new level:

Flashlights and Tracers for Airguns Canada

Tracers are used to help you get more hits and are a very useful accessory for airguns Canada. They will come in especially handy when you're playing evening games when the sun is starting to set or has set already. They can also be a big help when you are playing Canadian airsoft on extremely cloudy days or if the game has been set in an area where there are a lot of trees and shade. Any type of dark conditions will warrant the use of tracers. If you are planning on ordering an airsoft rifle you should get a flashlight tracer to go with it when placing your order if your budget allows for it.

A flashlight can be purchased to replace a tracker, or they can be used in combination with one another. Flashlights are especially useful when you're playing with teams since you'll be able to illuminate large areas where you suspect that enemies may be hiding in order to expose them to your teammates. As well, the opponents are usually less likely to shoot off their airguns Canada when the light is directed on them.


Bipods can provide stability for airsoft guns with long barrels. They can help you aim your shots better once you've found good cover. Without a bipod as part of your combat gear, you may need to use walls, stones or other objects if you don't have the muscle power. These accessories also give you the opportunity to stay low for extra sprawling gameplay since you’ll know that your gun is aligned and stable enough for good aiming.

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Slings for Canadian Airsoft

When you are talking to your Canadian airsoft team members or other players you may find mixed reviews about slings for airguns Canada. Some people find them to be an essential part of their combat gear while other players simply find them to be annoying. If you are going to be investing in a heavier gun, however, you may find that a sling is the most important combat gear you own.

Slings are useful when the Canadian airsoft gun is resting so you don't have to worry about keeping it stored at the side. Some slings will also allow you to use the gun during combat. When shopping for a sling as part of your combat gear, look for one that would give you a suitable range of motion so that the gun can be used when necessary during combat. It should also be stiff enough so that the gun doesn't swing a lot when you are running during a game.

Tactical Holsters

You'll have a lot of holsters to choose from when you're shopping around but you'll need to find one that gives you the chance to draw your weapon quickly once you see immediate danger. Look for a holder that permits you to release the gun with one single motion. There should only be a second between the time you reach for the gun and then shoot it. The holster should also allow you to slide the gun back in place without hesitation. This will allow you to switch your airguns Canada effortlessly during the game.


Optics are useful for many airguns Canada to help reach the maximum distance in the playfield. The success of hitting your target after spotting it may depend on this form of combat gear. When you want to zero in on your opponent to take him down quickly and effectively you need to have perfect aim. This is where the use of optics steps up to the plate.

If you are going to buy optics for your Canadian airsoft guns you should also invest in an optics safety glass. This will help keep your optics protected should the enemy fire directly on the optic lens. It's much like buying a case to hold your cell phone to keep it protected at all times.

Grips for Airsoft Guns in Canada

Grips are also an important component of combat gear because they make the gun feel so much more comfortable. When you have a good grip, your accuracy will also improve. Grips will reduce the amount of hand sweating and can prevent wrist pain. Grips can be used for rifles, shotguns and pistols. When you are comfortable it can positively impact your game and make it easier to aim your shots.

Airsoft Combat Gear to Avoid

You may run across some airsoft enthusiasts that love to use lasers but many players don't like them and some fields may not allow them on their fields. They don't provide a lot of advantages and can also be dangerous if you hit another player's eyes with the laser. Look for a traditional optics instead that will improve your game and won't be considered to be a health risk by other players.

Other combat gear to avoid would include flashy camouflage outerwear that is available in bright colours. Stick to the natural camouflage look and don't get tempted by new neon fashion designs that don't add anything to the game. Stick to the basics when it comes to Canadian airsoft clothing in order to play your best game at all times.

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