VFC M4/HK416 GBB Extended Bolt Catch

VFC M4/HK416 GBB Extended Bolt Catch

The bolt catch's function is to stop the bolt's travel when it is pushed upward by the follower of an empty magazine. This helps the bolt to get locked at the rear end after it has expended a magazine making way for a new one to be inserted and the bolt catch is slammed back to the home position to let the user engage in the target. You should consider to always buying a high quality extended bolt catch as there should be no hiccups or failure while using the parts of the airsoft weapon.

The bolts are generally made up of anodized aluminum so that it is tough and can survive all hardships during an airsoft war. They are lightweight and don’t make your weapon unnecessarily heavy. Some manufacturers make this part in a variety of colors to help the user fully customize it with their weapon. The extended bolt is accurately made as this is an essential part of your weapon. With the varied colors to choose from and reinforced anodized finish, the superior quality bolt catch is something that you want to get for your airsoft weapon. They are generally compatible with most of the AEGs and can be easily installed.

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