Product Features:

1. The main body of helmet is made by high quality injection molding technology, which has the function of light weight impact and absorbing impact energy. It is the basis of reliability of the whole helmet system.

2. Multi function adapter base metal ink dry) can be installed to connect and fix accessories such as headlights, cameras, night vision devices, etc.

3. Accessory guide rail connection system, which can be used to carry and transfer other equipment (such as headlight, flashlight, windscreen, communication equipment, mask, camera and other accessories) by virtue of pickup adapter, night vision mirror rotating clamp, etc

4. adjust the suspension system, connect the helmet suspension fixed point, special, with holes, breathable and strong foam inner heating pad, and strengthen the knob type adjustment to prevent the adjustment and locking. (upgrade the suspension system function PS the old suspension system can not be locked). The stability of the helmet is appropriate, and the wearer can not feel the looseness when wearing it

5. High strength Velcro, the Velcro can be equipped with personalized Velcro, IR identification lamp and other accessories according to the needs, the omni-directional and multi angle Velcro can make your accessories stick to the place where you need, can be used with helmet cloth, more personalized

6. 14mm resilient sponge inner cushion, breathable and soft cloth, rebound sponge + imported red rubber film cotton, strengthen flannelette, slow rebound sponge, more in line with human engineering, more effective safety protection in extreme environment, the user's head safety, wearing feeling is more comfortable!

Size: L/XL 57mm - 61mm

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