VFC (Umerax) HK417 Recon AEG

VFC (Umerax) HK417 Recon AEG

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HK417 is the Larger caliber variant of the HK416 rifle developed by Heckler & Koch which charmbered 7.62 x 51mm NATO rounds. It is intended for use as a marksman rifle and avaliable in 3 different lengths as follow,

Assaulter:  comes with a 12 inch standard barrel
Recce / Recon: comes with a 16 inch standard barrel or accurated barrels.
Sniper: comes with a 20 inch accurated barrel.

Same as HK416, 417 also have 2 variants for civilian market only in semi-auto: MR308 (only avaliable in Germany) and MR762 (only for US market). 

HK417 has been adopted for service by a number of armed force, special forces and law enforcement, also, the MR308, the civilian model of the 417, has been adopted as the marksman rifle of the German Army and renamed as G28 and used in the battle field.

14mm CCW Metal Flash Hider.
Comes with Metal Extended Rail Handguard with H&K type gas block and build-in folding front sight.
Comes with 16 inch metal outer barrel with realiest gas piston.
Comes with Removable metal made 416C Rear Sight.
Comes with Metal Body Frame with clear H&K logo, marking and serial number.
Standard 20mm rail on the upper frame for rail attachments.
Constructed of VFC Ver 2.2 Custom Gear box (Ver 2 gearbox parts compatible)
Adjustable Hop up with new design hop up chamber.
Dummy Full length Bolt Carrier with H&K Logo and bolt catch function available for easy Hop up adjustment.
New Nylon Fiber H&K style handgrip.
New Nylon Fiber H&K Retratable Stock with 6 Positions Collapsible which can store up to 9.6V twin type battery / 7.4V Lipo Battery (Small Plug). 
Please notice it is NOT compatible with any AR retratable stock.
Ready to go for 380 – 400 FPS (0.2g BB) without modification.
Included 550 rounds 417 Hi-cap magazine.

Length: 910mm, 990mm (Stock extended)
Barrel Length: ~440mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto & Full-Auto
Weight (g):  3820 (gun with magazine), 6040 (with box)
Gear Box: VFC Ver 2.2 Custom Gear box (Ver 2 parts compatible)
Color: Black
Battery:  9.6V twin type battery / 7.4V Lipo Battery (Small Plug)
Magazine Capacity: 550 Rounds
Material: Metal & Nylon Fiber
Bullet type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 380 – 400 FPS (0.2g BB)
Manufacturer: UMAREX


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