Grenade / Launcher

Grenade / Launcher

Grenade / Launcher
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SHS 60rd Airsoft 40mm Grenade Cartridge Shell

Product no.: 100101-01

C$25.95 *
Price C$0.00

PPS New Gen 84rd M203 Grenade Shell (BB Shower)

Product no.: 100101-03

C$27.95 *
Price C$0.00

9" RIS Grenade Launcher

Product no.: 100101-05

C$89.99 *

Zoxna Mini Launcher (BK)

Product no.: 100101-06

C$89.99 *
In stock

Kimera Reusable Airsoft Grenade

Product no.: 100101-07

C$59.99 *

VFC MK13 EGLM Std Version (Black)

Product no.: 100101-08

C$239.99 *

Airsoft Innovation 3x Cyclone Grenade System

Product no.: 100101-09

C$179.99 *

Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenade

Product no.: 100101-10

C$49.99 *

Airsoft Innovation Propane Adaptor Kit

Product no.: 100101-12

C$24.99 *

Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Repair Kit

Product no.: 100101-11

C$12.49 *
In stock

Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Resupply Kit

Product no.: 100101-13

C$12.49 *
In stock
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