Outter Barrel

Outter Barrel

Outter Barrel

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CYMA M4 AEG Outter Barrel Set (10.5" and 14.5")

Product no.: 011302-01

C$34.99 *

CYMA M4 AEG Outter Barrel Set 14.5"

Product no.: 011302-02

C$24.99 *
In stock

5KU 16" M4 Light Weight Outter Barrel, CCW

Product no.: 011302-03

C$29.99 *
Price C$34.99
You save C$5.00

A.P.S Extend Barrel Set

Product no.: 011302-04

C$27.99 *

Jing Gong 4.25" Barrel Extension 14mm CCW

Product no.: 011302-05

C$24.99 *
In stock

A.P.S. Extend Barrel (110mm, 14mm CCW)

Product no.: 011302-06

C$24.99 *
In stock
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