ACE1ARMS AEG power spring is made out of superior quality steel which lasts very long. When you think of upgrading your AEG, you should go for a premium quality spring option to increase the overall velocity of your weapon. The non-linear power spring gets a havoc update to your AEG, which is approximately 350 FPS to 380 FPS based on the AEG. The high-quality metal spring is reliable and durable in the super-powerful gearboxes. If you are searching for the simple upgrade of your AEG that would enhance the power and give you an edge over the other players in the warfare, then getting an advanced power spring is just the thing for you.

These power springs are compatible with all airsoft AEGs. It allows top-tier performance upgrades to the airsoft weapons. It has been observed that the steel springs have proved their efficiency the most. The progressive coiling gives a smooth and soft start to the rifle when it has to act under pressure. These springs offer much fine-tuning of the desired FPS. The black-colored zinc plating done on the spring protects it from all types of corrosion. There is color coding done on the power springs for easy and fast identification of each spring type.

• Made out of high-quality steel
• Compatibe for all versions of Airsoft AEG gearboxes

Spring Chart

• (M90) ~290~340 F.P.S.
• (M95) ~300~360 F.P.S.
• (M100) ~310~370 F.P.S.
• (M110) ~320~380 F.P.S.
• (M113) ~330~390F.P.S.
• (M115) ~340~410 F.P.S.
• (M120) ~350~440 F.P.S.
• (M125) ~400~460 F.P.S.
• (M130) ~410~490 F.P.S.
• (M140) ~440~540 F.P.S.
• (M150) ~470~600 F.P.S.

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