30RD JDG P80 PFS9 (G Series compatible) GREEN GAS MAGAZINE


30RD JDG P80 PFS9 (G Series compatible) GREEN GAS MAGAZINE

The 30rnd JDG P80 PFS9 magazine follows a similar look to the standard G series magazine, but with an extended baseplate which conceals a larger gas reservoir than a standard EU mag, meaning more shots per fill and better performance if you have a heavy trigger finger. The magazine can be loaded either through the feed lips at the top of the mag, or by pulling the magazine follower down, after which you can load through the fill port at the front. The gas fill valve can be found on the baseplate of the magazine, and is compatible with Airsoft green gas.

This magazine is designed for the Double Eagle JDG PFS9 but will also fit most TM based G series GBB pistols, and the Action Army AAP-01. Whether you have the spicy new PFS9 or a more normal-looking G series pistol this mag will be an asset to your kit.


  • 30rnd Green gas magazine
  • Extended baseplate style design
  • Alloy construction with polymer feed lips
  • Enlarged gas reservoir - Better cold weather and rapid fire performance
  • Compatible with the Double Eagle JDG PFS9, AAP-01 and most G series GBB pistols (TM, WE, Umarex, etc.)

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